Choosing a patternScreen colours

Choosing the correct laser cut pattern

Choose the laser cut design

An obvious question but choosing the correct design is not always as straightforward as you might think. There are lots of considerations all linked to the size of your screen. A large panel with lots of open spaces or gaps can work beautifully, just remember that the larger the gaps the thicker the material, or a different material perhaps. Choose whether the design works with your wallpaper or furniture, think whether the design needs to be scaled to hide something, or perhaps to  ensure gaps are not too small or too big for children and infants. We provide all the necessary design guidance.

Choose a pattern scale

Every single design showcased in our laser patterns gallery can be adjusted to different sizes. Choose the size of circles in our Dwell pattern, choose the thickness of lines in our Hector pattern, choose how many repeats you require in our Arabic and Moroccan patterns – the list simply goes on. Choose the size of leaf in our leaf design, choose the number of circles you require in our Porto laser cut design or any other requirement that you desire for us to create the perfect custom made laser cut screen for your interior or exterior decor needs.

Choose a pattern colour

We create bespoke laser cut metal screens in any RAL colour in gloss, satin or Matt finishes. Most customers choose satin finish as it tends not to showcase fingermarks, and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.