Sliding Doors

Decorative sliding doors

Also known as pocket doors, we can create sliding or bifold doors in exclusive designs in laser cut metal. For the first time you can create unique personalised sliding doors to suit any modern, classic or traditional interior. With a wide range of sliding door designs to choose from, including the option of incorporating your own design or motif, the possibilities are endless.

Bespoke sliding room dividers

We can incorporate ant fretwork design into hardwood frames for use as sliding doors or sliding room partitions. Image below shows some beautiful polished copper fretwork panels within a stained sycamore hardwood frame. One panel nearest the window is fixed, the other opens and closes with beautiful soft closing components at both ends.

Bespoke copper sliding screens and partition by Laser Cut Screens

Antique brass glazed sliding doors

Decorative bifold doors with glazing

Decorative arabic fretwork window panels

Single sliding doors

Available with or without architraves, every sliding pocket door is custom made to your exact design. We work closely with you to ensure every sliding pocket door is perfect every time.

decorative fretwork sliding doors bedroom

Bi-fold sliding doors

Interior and exterior bi-fold door options in a range of materials and finishes

sliding bi fold doors in custom fretwork design

Sliding door designs in laser cut metal
Single sliding door in any laser cut pattern. Custom made in the UK.

Double sliding doors

We can create double sliding doors with our laser cut screens in a number of ways. Depending on your door opening width, and the available space either side of the opening, choose from double sliding door systems from a single side or from both sides.

Single side

Sliding doors with laser cut metal panels
Double sliding door in any laser cut pattern. Exclusive designs made in the UK. Image shown is the CLOUT design.

Both sides

Pocket sliding doors in laser cut metal designs
Pocket sliding doors in laser cut metal designs. Pockets for doors can be either side of door opening

Decorative fretwork metal sliding doors

Choose from the largest range of laser cut door patterns in the UK

Click on the image below to view our latest laser cut metal door designs

Custom made fretwork panels

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