Beautiful Metallic MDF screens in brass and bronze

Metallic brass screens and decorative panels in amazing colours

CASAREVO are delighted to announce the launch of fantastic metallic colours for all our fretwork designs.

Choose from brass, stainless steel, copper, Verdigris green, textured and embossed metallic designs.

Laminated Metallic screens can be created in a range of MDF and Plywood thicknesses up to 30mm, and can be laminated on one side or two sides as required. For internal use only.

Pricing for laminated metallic screens is based on costs of laminate and MDF (or plywood), length of time on CNC machine, complexity and geographical location.

Small selection of fretwork pattern and metallic finish screen combinations

Contact the CASAREVO Design team for more information

The number of patterns and metallic finish combinations is endless. The design team are more than happy to help provide information on MDF laminated screens such as metallic colours, fretwork patterns, panel thickness, panel interior materials (either MDF, Coloured MDF or Plywood).

Click here to view a selection of patterns available for all laminated MDF screens

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