antique brassoffice partitions

Antique Brass Screens for VIBE Business Interiors

Bespoke screen designs for office refurbishment in Winchester

We worked very closely with VIBE Business Interiors to create six made to measure screens in a complex abstract design for a fabulous office refurb and fitout. We also finished the screens in our medium Antique Brass specialist paint finish with patina, adding that extra feeling of premium quality when compared to powder coating.

Antique Brass screen for VIBE Business Interiors

From Concept to Reality

We worked very closely with the design team at VIBE Interiors to create a seamless transition for three screens in a triptych style. VIBE also wanted to create a look with a different density pattern where it needed to be more dense at the base. The material choice and material section was quickly determined.  From concept to product in about 7 working days.

Concept development for Laser cut screens

The finished interior

Laser cut screen designs for VIBE Interiors

Laser cut screens for office interiors

Antique Brass specialist paint finishes

Click on the link below to see a selection of antique brass, copper and bronze finishes with optional brushed patina.

custom metal spraying for brass by CASAREVO

VIBE Business Interiors

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Marek Sikora Photography

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