Fuse Box Covers

Decorative fuse box covers in lots of designs

decorative fuse box cover in art deco design

We create bespoke fabricated fusebox cover designs for every interior style. Chooose from art Deco, art nouveau,  arabic and moroccan, traditional and modern, geometric or floral. Each and every fusebox cover design is manufactured to your exact sizes and specification.


Fully adjustable fusebox covers for every interior style

art deco fusebox cover with mirror glass design

Available with or without mirror options, every fusebox covers is made to your exact design. We work closely with you to ensure every fusebox cover is perfect every time.

Before and after shot showing spark arabic fusebox cover

Choose from the largest range of laser cut door patterns for all fusebox covers in the UK

Click on the image below to view our latest laser cut designs

Decorative laser cut pattern styles

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