MDF Screens and panels


Laser Cut Screens are now delighted to offer a range of MDF panels for interior and exterior use in a wide selection of patterns which include floral, art deco, islamic, moroccan, modern geometric patterns and many more. We realise that metal laser cut screens for some customers are less suited to some needs compared to MDF panels, so customers can choose from natural or primed MDF to then customise and paint as required.

We are adding to the range on a regular basis so be sure to bookmark CASAREVO for future browsing.

CASAREVO Black MDF Art Deco Peacocks LED Lighting

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We now stock a large range of CASAREVO MDF wall panels for interior settings.

Create a beautiful 3D textured effect on walls or ceilings with our modular panels in our most popular designs.

Choose from Arabic, Islamic, Moroccan, Art Deco, Geometric or Modern pattern styles. Perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, retail use, Mosques and other places of worship.

Custom spray painting for all MDF screens

We are delighted to offer custom spray painting for all MDF screens and partitions.

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Custom spray painting MDF by CASAREVO